Where to find the API documentation?

Please find the API documentation here: https://api.picanova.com/docs

Where to find the products and prices?

Please find infos about products and prices here: https://api.picanova.com/company/prices

Do you enlarge your product portfolio frequently?

Yes. We enlarge our product portfolio frequently. In case you are interested in a particular product please make a request to apirequest@picanova.com. Your request should contain the detailed product information such as material, required formats as well as a forecast per month.

How does the invoicing work?

Invoices are being creatd fully automated all 14 days. In case the total amount reaches a value of 5.000 EUR or USD 5,000 the invoice will be created before. You will receive different invoices per store. Moreover the invoices are being split in regards of the following shipping areas: DE, EU, outside EU

Do you ship white label?

Yes. There is no logo from the Picanova added to the parcel. The following sender information is displayed on the parcel:

Parcels from Miami: CUSTOM PRINT SERVICE, 3443 NW 107th Street, 33167 Miami, Florida

Is Picanova going to contact my customers directly?

No. In case of any customer support related questions for one particular order our customer support will contact you via E-Mail. The E-Mail address being provided in your company details is being used for this context.

Can I put my own logo on the parcel?

Currently there is no option to put your logo on the parcel.

How fast is the shipping?

The shipping time depends on the product as well as on the shipping country. Please download the PDF in order to check on the detailed information here:https://api.picanova.com/company/prices

How to create a store?

Click here to create a new store: https://api.picanova.com/company/stores/create. Please note, that a separate store is required per production facility. You would therefore create one store for all orders being forwarded to our production facility in Cologne and another store for all orders being forwarded to our production facility in Miami. All products with the currency EUR are being printed in Cologne whereas all products displayed in USD are being printed in Miami. Please download the PDF for a detailed overview over all products here: https://api.picanova.com/company/prices.

Do you allow different payment methods per store?

The payment method is being set for your whole company. However you can add different credit cards per store.

Where to add/find account details?

Please add your account details here: https://api.picanova.com/account/edit.

Where to add company details?

Please add your account details here: https://api.picanova.com/account/edit.

You can add your credit card within the edit mode per store. Simply go to https://api.picanova.com/stores and click on the edit icon for the according store. Once you added your credit card per store, you can also edit these details wihtin the company details area: https://api.picanova.com/company/edit